Starry Wisdom Cult

Session 3, 26-9-2004

The Dreamer

8th — 14th October, 1927

It was Father Xavier who spotted the advertisement in the Boston Globe. Paul LeMond, a talented young New York psychic had vanished, and his mother was oferring a reward to whoever could find him. So Xavier, William Keen, Narendera Bose and Kang Leong boarded the train to Buffalo, N.Y.

Irene LeMond told the investigators of Paul’s troubled history and begged them to help her. The four travelled to New York City and attempted to speak to Paul’s agent, Herbert Whitefield.

Whitefield was rude and hostile, and ordered the intrepid four to leave his office. Father Xavier felt sure he had something to hide. He and Kang Leong loitered until Whitefield left work and followed him to his apartment. But before they entered, Leong heard crashing sounds, and five mobsters emerged into the street. The mobsters departed in a car. Father Xavier and Leong investigated Whitefield’s apartment and found the man bashed and bleeding. They called the ambulance. In the apartment they discovered a sheaf of bills from the elite Woods Estate Rest Home, for the treatment of one ‘Paulie Meldon’.

Meanwhile, Bose and Keen encountered an insurance salesman who called himself John Dervin. Dervin expressed an interest in the LeMond case and asked Keen to contact him if he found any leads. Later, researching in the library, Bose discovered that Paul’s girlfriend Velma Peters was an aspiring actor. That night the four attended a show starring Miss Peters at the Lower East Side Theatre. They learned little from Miss Peters except that she seemed upset at Paul’s disappearance.

The next day, Father Xavier and Kang Leong drove to the Woods Estate Rest Home, but lacking official documentation, they were denied entry. They were forced to walk to a nearby town to find a telephone. In New York, Keen and Bose made enquiries. Keen talked to Whitefield’s secretary and persuaded her to lend him Paul’s apartment key. She also told him about a certain Mr Rodgers who had been enquiring after Whitefield. Keen realised that this Mr Rodgers was the same man who had posed as John Dervin.

Bose and Keen travelled to Paul’s apartment. Inside the apartment, he found a letter addressed to Paul’s mother which proved that Paul had made it back to his apartment on the night of his abduction. The pair then visited the seedy part of town where the apartment of ‘Mr Rodgers’ was located. That gentleman being absent, they broke in and discovered a mysterious tome and a locked iron box. The box contained a weird device and Mr Rodgers’ journal. Reading the tome and the journal gave Keen and Bose a sleepless night.

The next day, Bose and Keen joined Father Xavier and Kang Leong in upstate New York, where the pair had spent the night in a shabby hotel. They travelled to the Woods Estate Rest House. There, Mr Bose persuaded the Head that they had wrongfully committed Paul LeMond. The Head released LeMond to the four, who returned him to his mother in Buffalo, stopping only to destroy the odd device which they had found Mr Rodgers’ apartment.


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